New Equipment Purchases

2019 - 2020

(Subject To Changes, Some Equipment Additions Based On Space)

Equipment Purchases / Replacements

See Video's & Pictures of all new equipment below

(Subject To Changes, Some Equipment Additions Based On Space)

  • 2 New Recumbent (Seated ) Octane ellipticals

  • 3 FREE RUNNER Treadmills by Star Trac

  • 2 New Standing Octane ellipticals

  • 2 New Octane "Max Trainers" (will replace Star Trac stepper)

  • New StairMaster Guantlet revolving step machine 

  • New "SkiErg" by Concept 2 (from makers of rowing machines)

  • New "Booty Coaster" (from maker's of Abcoaster)

  • New "Hip Belt" Squat Machine

  • New Chest Press plate load "converging" machine

  • New Solid urethane dumbbells, 10 lb pairs through 120 lb pair             (older dumbbells staying, these new dumbbells and racking will be in addition to current, new dumbbells will be narrower, easier to balance)

  • Thick, noise deadening rubber matting for new area

  • Refreshing of bathrooms with new flooring, walls, shower and sinks

  • Repainting of gym

  • New "Monolift" Squat Rack (dependent on space)

  • New Bicep plate load machine (dependent on space)

Now Available for training

New "ROPE FIT" by makers of Jacob's Ladder


Now Available for training

NEW Jacob's Ladder & "Beltess" Stairway to Replace Current Machines

Now Available for Training

Made in USA

36 Drink Vending Machine

With Credit Card &

Debit Card Reader

Now Available

Now Available!

New Dumbells In Gym!

Legend Fitness Plate Load Converging Chest Press


Made in USA

Legend Fitness Plate Load Bicep Curl (Uni-Lateral)

Made in USA


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