What I've Found Works for "ME" and Why

(be your own experiment)

1. Intermittent Fasting 

  • 16/8, eight hour per day of eating window

  • reduced body fat

  • do not count calories

  • reduced joint inflammation

  • "easy" for me to follow

  • definite feeling of good abdominal flatness during final hours of fasting cycle

  • eating approx. 3-4X meals per day, easier planning

2. Eating for Your Blood Type (O)

  • foods digest easier

  • decreased stomach bloating and discomfort

  • feel more energetic

  • Gluten free eating

  • elimination of gas

3. Lower Carb Eating

  • eating enough carbs to fuel all energy needs

  • always combining protein with carbs to lessen blood sugar rise.

4. Cryotherapy

  • elimination of joint inflammation

  • improved mobility

  • faster recovery times, decreased muscle soreness

  • helps me train more often due to recovery improvements

  • increased energy, increased exercise endurance

  • better, more deep and restful sleep

  • improved cognitive abilities

5. Strength training 4-5 times per week

  • seldom perform same workout twice

  • use of a variety of workouts/exercises (with so much equipment at gym, I'm never "bored" with strength training, I feel one of the most important reasons to utilize a personal trainer is to learn all gym equipment and apply to YOUR objectives)

  • focus on legs & back muscles

  • variety of reps used (5-25)

6. Aerobic type exercise every day (with varying intensity levels daily)

  • use of HIIT (high intensity interval training)

  • use of steady state aerobic training

  • seldom "run" outdoors due to detrimental effects on joints (preferred use of treadmill)

  • prefer biking outdoors

  • typically perform 10 minutes of cardio before strength training (AM workouts)

  • sometimes will integrate cardio with strength training


At 55 years of age, "MY" objectives:

1. Maintain lower bodyfat levels year round (approx. 8% or lower, upper abs always visible)

2. Stay STRONG for my age and keep competiting in events I enjoy.

3. Eliminate all joint pain, inflammation, daily aches.....feel good and maintain great mobility.

4. Get adequate rest and sleep

5. "Eat to Live, not Live to Eat"

6. Enjoy Family

7. Maintain daily spiritual values and teachings


My Favorite Physician: Dr. Jason Fung



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