4th Annual "PUMP & RUN"
Friday, August 5th, 2022

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2021 Pump & Run Top Finishers
$655 Raised for United Way of Catt. Co.

WINNER'S OCT. 30TH, 2021

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Results – American Memorial Deadlift Competition

            Eade Fitness 24/7 hosted the inaugural American Memorial Deadlifting Competition this past Saturday. The event benefited local Veteran causes. Twenty-three men and women athletes lifted to raise $550 in this single day event. Athletes were divided by gender, bodyweight, age and type of deadlifting bar used. Most competitors were from the local McKean County, Cattaraugus County and Allegany County area with one lifter from Broome County and two competitors, students at SBU, who drove back from Connecticut. In the women’s hex bar Tiffany Turner deadlifted 330 lbs. for 1st place. Men’s 1st place hex bar winners were Joe Auteri 410 lbs., Paul Eade 460 lbs., Matt Prentiss 505 lbs. and Jeff Rau 525 lbs. In the straight bar women’s classes first place awards went to Jamie Casto 210 lbs., Karen Huckabee 300 lbs. and Brandi Grayson 305 lbs.  In the men’s straight bar classes Teenager Zach Slaski took first with a 350 lb. deadlift. Other first place men’s winners were Joe Auteri 405 lbs., John Turnbull 405 lbs., Dave Scharf 420 lbs., Nick Dingwall 445 lbs. Paul Eade 450 lbs., Dave Fichter 475 lbs., Kaleb Hurlburt 500 lbs., Lance Hardy 500 lbs., Curtis Rice 500 lbs. and Wake Kless with the most weight lifted at 585 lbs.

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